Fertilizer Advisor acts just like an dietician and advise you on the use of fertilizers. It tells you how much, when and how the food of the plant, namely fertilizer, should be applied. And if you have the soil test values, the results will be more field specific.

Nature of the variety
Type of Cultivation
No of plants cultivated
Select Block
Choose the name of the panchayat
Type of soil in the area
Amount of available Nitrogen Kg/Ha
Amount of available Phosphorous Kg/Ha
Amount of available Potassium Kg/Ha

* according to available information, you can fill the three sections. If you only fill the first portion, the results will be blanket recommendation. If you fill first and second portion, the result will be based on location specific soil test recommendation. And if you fill the first and third portion, field based soil test  result will be generated.