Application of Growth Regulators


Fruit drop During the developmental stage of berry, 10 to 50 per cent premature fruit drop occurs due to insufficient carbohydrate, auxin-carbohydrate imbalance, nutritional disorders and waterlogging. Many growth regulators have been tried to increase the fruit set and for controlling the pre-mature fruit drop. Following growth regulators could increase the yield when they are given as foliar application 10-15 days after blossom (first spray) and during last week of May before the onset of southwest monsoon (second spray).
Growth regulator In 200 ml of water Dose/ha (for 1.5 l)
Planofix 50 ml 375 ml
Hormonol 50 ml 375 ml
Agrona 50 ml 375 ml
Miraculan 50 ml 375 ml
Atonik 50 ml 375 ml
Cytozyme crop 60 ml 450 ml
Ascorbic acid 20 g 150 g
References Kerala Agricultural University. 2011. Package of Practices Recommendations: Crops. 14th edition. Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur- 360 p.