Shade and its Management


Principles of shade management


Under the climatic condition existing in India, coffee is being cultivated under shade. It comprises of two canopise-lower or temporary and upper or permanent. Dadap is used as a lower canopy shade in India. When stakes are planted in June, they grow quickly using the moisture available in the soil. Silver oak is the most commonly used tree for temporary shade.  Permanent shade trees are generally planted about 12-14 metres apart.

The trees have to be regulated in such a way that they have their canopy about 10-14 metres above the coffee. Shade trees require constant attention by way of pruning and lopping to provide the required filtered shade to coffee. The Dadap are lopped 2-3 times a year to regulate the light requirements according to season. Dadap is lopped at the commencement of the south west monsoon to allow more light and regulated during winter when the dry weather begins. In north east monsoon area, it is lopped during August-September.