Homestead Farming


What is a homestead farming ?

Homestead farming can be defined as a system where the farmers cultivate a variety of crops of seasonal and perennial nature in the surrounding of their houses along with taking up activities like dairying, rearing of goats, pigs, poultry etc. They may also take up activities like retail trade and cottage industries. The homestead farming is unique since there is livestock-crop integration with flow of inter-activity resources making it an integrated production system.

Benefits of homestead farming
  • Improved family nutrition.
  • Supplemental household income.
  • Wage security and household status.
  • Welfare of women and children.
  • Environmental benefits.
Future perspective The Planning Commission in the Tenth Five Year Plan pointed out that ‘‘horticulture, floriculture and vegetable cultivation on small plots of land have proved beneficial for the poor. Agricultural labourers, therefore, need to be provided access to land improve their economic and social well-being... Ownership of even a small plot of land enables a family to raise its income, its nutritional status and lead a more dignified life.’’
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