Precision Agriculture


What is a precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is a new concept where the minute changes in nutrient will be taken care off. It make use of development in information technology, to enable the producer to collect information and data for better decision making. The concept of precision agriculture offers the promise of increasing productivity while decreasing production cost and minimizing environmental impacts.

Tools in precision agriculture Global Positioning System (GPS) a referencing device capable of identifying sites within a field
Sensors and dataloggers crop, soil and climate information can be monitored at a high frequency using these technologies;
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps of these attributes can be generated and analysed using simple browsers or complex models
GPS role in Precision Agriculture. The use of GPS in Agriculture is limited but it is fair to expect wide spread use of GPS in future. Recently a GPS-based crop duster (precision GPS Helicopter), which can spray an area as small as 4 X 4 mtr. is attracting great attention. Some progressive farmers are now beginning to use GPS for recording observations. Such as weed growth, unusual plant stress, colouring and growth conditions, which can then be mapped with a GIS programmes.
Remote sensing and Sensors for PF Remote sensing techniques play an important role in precision farming by providing continuous acquired data of agricultural crops. Remote sensors image vegetation, which is growing on different soil types with different water availability, substrate, impact of cultivation, and relief Sensors use for the following applications:
Soil Properties Sensing: Soil Texture, Structure, and Physical Condition Soil Moisture; Soil Nutrients.
  • Crop Sensing: Plant Population; Crop Stress and Nutrient Status.
  • Yield Monitoring Systems: Crop Yield; Harvest Swath Width; Crop Moisture:
  • Variable Rate Technology Systems:
  • Fertilizer flow; Weed detection, pressure sensors
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