Nitrogen Fertilizer -Ammonium Nitrate


Importance of the Fertilizer Ammonium Nitrate is a nitrogenous fertilizer with high nitrogen content. The nitrogen content of the fertilizer is of the range 33.5 per cent. Further, the nitrogen is available in both Ammonium and Nitrate form. Therefore, the availability of the nutrients is very high. Further the fertilizer is less subject to volatilization losses than Urea. Thus, it is widely used to  produce a fine healthy green in foliage plants.
Amount of Available Nutrients Ammonium nitrate contains 33.5 % Nitrogen.
Compatibility in fertilizer mixtures Data not available
Reaction of the Fertilizer in Soil Nitrogen is present in Ammonium nitrate as ammonium and nitrate form which are readily available to the plant. Ammonium will convert to nitrite and then to nitrate. Nitrate which is not absorbed by plant lost as leaching losses, or released to atmosphere as nitric oxide or fixed in the clay or taken by microorganisms in soil or in alkaline soils lost as ammonia.
Situations where Recommended Ammonium nitrate is comparatively costly and so only to be recommended for special purposes where large quantities are not required. It is particularly to be recommended for use in small green houses or conservatories attached to dwelling houses, for it is clean and odorless.
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