Phosphate Fertilizer -Mussoriephos

Importance of the Fertilizer Mussoriephos is rock phosphate mined from Mussorie. The phosphorous present is insoluble in water. So in acidic soils it slowly releases Phosphorous and reduces the losses.
Amount of Available Nutrients Mussoriephos contains 18-20% phosphorous.
Compatibility in fertilizer mixtures Mussoriephos is not compatible with Ammonium Phosphate and Super phosphate
Reaction of the Fertilizer in Soil Mussooriephos in reaction with acidic soils convert tricalcium phosphate in the rock phosphate to plant available monocalcium form.
Situations where Recommended Mussoriephos is recommended in acidic soils. For perennial crops like rubber, oil palm, coffee, tea, cardamom etc. phosphorus in the form of rock phosphate can be applied.
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