Nitrogen Fertilizer -Nitrate of Soda

Importance of the Fertilizer Nitrate of Soda is Sodium Nitrate. It contains Nitrogen in the soluble and immediately available Nitrate form. It is a rapidly soluble fertilizer and its effect upon growing plants is prompt; leaf growth being forced in its pace to a remarkable degree.
Amount of Available Nutrients  Nitrate of Soda contains 16.5 % Nitrogen.
Compatibility in fertilizer mixtures A dressing of animal manure or of phosphates and potash should follow any considerable use of nitrate of soda.
Reaction of the Fertilizer in Soil Nitrate of Soda when applied in soil will form sodium and nitrate ions .Nitrate ions will be readily available to plants. Nitrate ions may also undergo leaching losses, fixation by soil, uptake by soil microorganism and in alkaline soil volatilization loss as ammonia.
Situations where Recommended Sodium nitrate is particularly useful for acidic soils. Its continued and abundant use in soil is said to cause deflocculating and develop a bad physical condition in regions of low rainfall. It is essentially a stimulant to use during the period of rapid growth. It should never be given to perennial plants late in autumn. It is excellent for   promoting succulent growth in salads and soft green vegetables, in developing celery, seakale and cucumbers and in improving the foliage of pot plants.
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