Traditional knowledge


Related to soil and climate
  • Planting of ginger, turmeric, kacholam etc in pepper gardens increases yield of pepper.
Connected with cultivation
  • Allow pepper plants to climb on other plants with out separating it from mother plants. After 2-3 years only separate it from mother plants. This will increase tolerance.
Linked with plant protection
  • Dusting of lime in the pit as well as up to one metre height of the vine reduces disease incidence.
  • Keep small stones in the root zone reduces Phytophthora wilt.
Regarding harvest and storage
  • Dipping pepper for one minute in boiled water increases the color and thus market value.
  • Put plucked pepper in sunlight for a day .It will make threshing easier.
References Swapna, T.R (2003) Rationalization of Indigenous Technical Knowledge on Pest Management in the Farm Production Systems of Palakkad District. (MSc. Thesis), Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikkara.