Machinery Used for Inter-cultivation


Knapsack Sprayer Knapsack sprayer consists of a pump and a air chamber permanently installed in a 9 to 22.5 liters tank. The handle of the pump extending over the shoulder or under the arm of operator makes it possible to pump with one hand and spray with the other. Uniform pressure can be maintained by keeping the pump in continuous operation.
Motorized Knapsack Mist Blower

The motorized knapsack mist blower has a small 2-stroke petrol/ kerosene engine of 35 cc to which a centrifugal fan is connected. The centrifugal fan is usually mounted vertically. 'The fan produces a high velocity air stream, which is diverted through a 90-degree elbow to a lfexible (plastic) discharge hose, which has a divergent outlet. The spray tank that has also a compartment for fuel and engine-fan unit is mounted on a common frame, which fits to the back of operator. The tank is made of plastic. The spray liquid flows due to gravity and suction created at the tip of nozzle, thus remains in the air stream.

Some models of the sprayers have roller pump for pumping the spray liquid into the discharge hose and have tall tree spraying attachment. These sprayers have shear type nozzles. For operation, the tank is filled with the spray liquid and cranking with the rope starts the engine. Upon rotation of the engine the fan produces a high velocity air stream. The control valve for the spray liquid is opened gradually and adjusted for the desired flowrate. The operator directs the discharge hose to the target. The spray liquid that falls in the air stream gets sheared and upon coming in contact with the atmosphere a mist is produced.

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