Machinery Used for Planting


Manual rice transplanter The manual rice transplanter consists of floats made of marine plywood, seedling tray that accepts the mat type nursery, a tray indexing mechanism and pickers for planting seedlings. When the operator pulls the machine and operates the handle, the picker, six in number, gathers two or three seedlings and place them in the puddled soil. The row to row distance can be maintained at 200 mm. It consists of handle, picker assembly, seedling tray, tray indexing mechanism, mainframe, base frame, seedling pushing lever, feeder link assembly, and wooden skid and pivot arm assembly. It is used for transplanting mat type rice seedlings in puddled soil in six rows.
Self propelled rice transplanter It is a single wheel driven and fitted with diesel engine. The machine is riding type and it transplants seedlings from mat type nursery in eight rows in a single pass. The drive wheel receives power from the engine through V-belt, cone clutch and gearbox. A propeller shaft from the gear box provides power to the transplanting mechanism mounted over the float. The float facilitates the transplanter to slide over the puddle surface. The tray containing mat type nursery for 8 rows is moved sideways by a scroll shaft mechanism, which converts rotary motion received from the engine through belt-pulley, gear and universal joint shaft into linear motion of a rod connected to the seedling tray having provision to reverse the direction of movement of tray after it reaches the extreme position at one end. Fixed fork with knock out lever type planting fingers (cranking type) are moved by a four bar linkage to give the designed locus to the tip of the planting finger.It is used for transplanting of mat type rice nursery in the puddle field.
Self propelled rice transplanter It is a six-row rice transplanter using mat type seedlings. The four row machine is a riding type and employs a double acting transplanting mechanism for enhanced transplanting speed and in turn high field capacity. The double acting transplanting mechanism is run with, one sun and four planetary gears. The machine has provision for adjustments of number of seedlings per hill, depth transplanting and hill-to-hill distance. The depth of transplanting is maintained constant, automatically during transplanting. The row-to-row spacing is 300 mm and five setting of hill¬to-hill distance from 120 to 220 mm can be fixed depending on desired plant population. The machine is provided with six spare seedling racks for filling of trays intermittently. The machine is powered with a 12 hp air cool petrol engine and it is provided with power steering. 'Depth of transplanting can be sett from 15 to 45 mm.

Tractor Mounted Direct Rice Seeder

It is an attachment to the commercially available tractor mounted cultivator for direct sowing of paddy in dry land conditions. The direct seeder consists of seed box, seed metering disc, ground wheel, cultivator shovel, furrow closer, clutch lever, power drive system, and frame. The seed metering mechanism consists of discs fitted with cups mounted close to its periphery. During operation, discs rotate, the cup pick up rice seeds from the hopper and delivers in the outlet attached to furrow opener with PVC tubes. It is an attachment to the commercially available tractor mounted cultivator for direct sowing of paddy in dry land conditions.
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