Preparation of Field for Planting


Tillage operations Primary tillage is the first working after the last harvest and normally the most aggressive tillage operation. It is normally undertaken when the soil is wet enough to allow the field to be ploughed and strong enough to give reasonable levels of traction. This can be immediately after the crop harvest or at the beginning of the next wet season.

Land preparation

The next step is preparation of a good seed bed for sowing. For the purpose the water is allowed to enter and remain in the field for one to two week. This will result in the germination of weed seeds. The weeds thus germinated are incorporated into the soil by harrowing. The basal dose of fertilizer is applied hereafter and the field is puddled well.  Puddling will result in leveling of the field and formation of two distinct layers. The surface layer is called oxidized layer (2.5 cm) and bottom reduced layer( 5-7.5 cm). The reduced layer preserves nutrient loss through volatilization and other ways. Similarly, the weed seeds finds it difficult to get enough oxygen for germination.


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