Programmes and Schemes


Poultry Development Programmes of State Government Poultry Development activities in the State aims at increasing the egg production, production and distribution of chicks and good quality poultry meat, impart training on Scientific Poultry Rearing and Management, encouraging unemployed youth and members of weaker sections of society to take up poultry rearing and gain self employment, assisting women to start backyard poultry units etc. To carry out the development activities there are nine poultry farms, one Broiler Farm, One Duck Farm, One Central Hatchery and two Intensive Poultry Development Blocks under the Department.
Disease Investigation and Control Programme Objectives of disease investigation are the following: Investigate the causes of out break of diseases among Livestock and Poultry, Co-ordinate the investigation work and suggest control and eradication measures, Mass Vaccination of cattle and poultry against various contagious diseases, establish the infrastructure for disease surveillance, study Epidemiology and other factors relating to various Livestock and Poultry diseases etc.
Central Government Schemes and Programmes Conservation of poultry breeds: Government of India has introduced a new project under 10th plan to conserve the near extinct and threatened breeds using modern scientific conservation tools like cryo-preservation of semen/ Ova/ Embryo. Various indigenous breeds of ducks can be conserved through this scheme.
Expansion of Poultry and Duck Farms: Outlay is to implement Schemes for strengthening poultry and duck farms as per the guidelines of Govt. of India.
Assistance to States poultry farms: During the X Plan, the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Assistance to state poultry farms” was launched in all the States and UTs to strengthen existing poultry farms including other species like ducks, turkey, quails, guinea fowl etc. The pattern of assistance is 100% for North Eastern States and 80:20 for other States. The scheme will also apply to the farms of the State Governments who may run in collaboration with cooperatives/private sector/NGOs etc. One time assistance is provided to suitably strengthen hatching, brooding and rearing operations with feed mill, quality monitoring and in-house disease diagnoses provisions.
Financial Assistance from NABARD NABARD has various schemes for promoting Poultry sector. The major thrust area include:
  • Establishing of poultry breeding farm with low input technology birds and also for Ducks/Quails/ Turkeys/ Guinea Fowl etc.
  • Setting up of a poultry feed plant along with a laboratory
  • Setting up of egg grading, packing and storing unit for export of eggs.
  • Marketing of Poultry products (specialized transport vehicle, cold room storage facilities and retention sheds for birds).
  • Establishing retail poultry dressing unit (300-500 birds/day).
  • Purchase of egg/broiler carts for sale of poultry products
  • Incentive on export of poultry products (freight charges)
  • Purchase of reading material and A.V. equipment for training and extensions activities
Dairy/Poultry Venture Capital Fund To bring about structural changes in the unorganized sector, a new scheme of Dairy Venture Capital Fund with an outlay of Rs.25.00 crore during the 10th Five Year Plan has been initiated with effect from 14th December 2004. Under this, assistance is provided to the rural beneficiaries under a schematic proposal through bankable projects
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