Programmes and Schemes


Animal Disease Control Project


The Animal Disease Control Project, named “GOREKSHA”, is a joint venture programme of the Government of Kerala, Government of India and the National Dairy Development Board. The basic objective of the project is conversion of the state into a Disease controlled zone by controlling / eradicating animal diseases of economic importance. Since Foot & Mouth disease ranks top in the economic importance, control of Foot & Mouth disease was given priority in the project
Assistance to states for control of animal diseases (ASCAD) The scheme envisages for control of major animal diseases by providing strategic immunization cover, strengthening of important diagnostic laboratories and biological production centers, take up disease surveillance, monitoring and forecasting, information and communication campaigns and equipping of technicians.
Livestock Disease Control Scheme

Objective of the scheme is to eradicate the occurrence of contagious diseases of national importance like Foot and Mouth disease, Rinderpest, Rabies etc. and establish Disease Free zone. The scheme has three Disease Free zone: Nedumangad (Thiruvananthapuram), Punalur (Kollam) and Adoor (Pathanamthitta).

Financial Assistance from Banks/NABARD for dairy farming Loan from banks with refinance facility from NABARD is available for starting dairy farming. For obtaining bank loan, the farmers should apply to the nearest branch of a commercial or co-operative Bank in their area in the prescribed application form, which is available in the branches of financing banks. The Technical Officer attached to or the Manager of the bank can help/give guidance to the farmers in preparing the project report to obtain bank loan.
Central Government Schemes for Meat and Meat Products There is an urgent need for measures to provide safe and wholesome meat, gainful utilization of animal by-products and prevention of bird-hit menace to aircrafts, environmental pollution and cruelty to animals. Keeping these objectives in view, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Assistance to States for improvement/modernization of slaughter houses and establishment of carcass utilization centers” was being implemented with effect from 8th Five Year Plan.

For “Modernization of Slaughterhouses”, financial assistance is provided to State Governments on a 50:50 (Central:State) basis.

For “Establishment of Carcass Utilization Centers”, 100% central assistance is provided for building, plants and machinery and water supply and 50% for electric installation fittings, generator, etc.
Professional Efficiency Development The “Professional Efficiency Development” programme is being continued during the 10th Five Year Plan, with a view to regulate veterinary practices and to maintain register of the veterinary practitioners. The programme envisages establishment of Veterinary Council of India at Centre and State Veterinary Councils at state level in those States / Union Territories which have adopted the Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984.
Disease Investigation and Control Programme Objectives of disease investigation are the following: Investigate the causes of out break of diseases among Livestock and Poultry, Co-ordinate the investigation work and suggest control and eradication measures, Mass Vaccination of cattle and poultry against various contagious diseases, establish the infrastructure for disease surveillance, study Epidemiology and other factors relating to various Livestock and Poultry diseases etc.
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