Meat Products




Lean meat is a good source of all essential amino acids and the biological value of the protein is almost comparable with whole egg. Pork fat is rich in PUFA linolenic and anachidonic acids. Meats are good sources of potassium, iron and phosphorous. Meat is an important source of B vitamin and traces of A and C. Pork is the richest source of thiamin and beef of folic acid.
Processed Meat Products 1) Comminuted meat products
a) Sausages - Ground meat and fat mixed with spices, condiments and extenders and stuffed in casings (natural or synthetic). It can be fresh, cured, cooked or smoked, stored at refrigeration temperature.
b) Minced meat - Pressed by addition of salt and kept frozen. It can be used for the preparation of product like kabab, meatball, cutlet, koftha, etc.
2) Cured meat
Ham, bacon, corned beef, etc.
3) Dried and dehydrated meat
a) Sun dried; oven dried and smoked meat products
b) Freeze dried meat, intermediary moisture foods, etc.
4) Pickled products
Meat cooked with spices and condiments and preserved in oil and vinegar, which can be stored at room temperature.
5) Canned products
Cured meat, sausage or meat with brine or curry is subjected to thermal processing in or retortable pouches, stored at room temperature.
6) Cooked meat specialties
Cutlet, hamburger, patties, loaf, tikka, etc
7) Traditional indigenous products
Keema, kabab, kuruma, koftha, tikka, tandoori, meat curry, etc.
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