Breeds of Buffalo


Murrah Murrah buffaloes are the best milk producing buffaloes of the world. The important characters of the breed include curled horns, jet black body with a white switch. White colour is not desirable in any other part of the body. Average production will be 2000-2500 litres in lactation. The presently used buffalo semen in Kerala is of Murrah breed. Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab are its habitat states. It is used mainly as dairy breed.

Surti Surti buffaloes are known for their reproduction efficiency. Average production is less than 1500 kg/lactation. Surti are medium sized with sickle shaped horns. Presence of two white chevrons, one just below the jowl region and the other one in the brisket region are said to be identifying character of the breed. Surti breed was used previously to upgrade the local buffaloes of Kerala. Its habitat state is Gujarat. It is mainly used as a dairy breed.

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