Disease Management


General guidelines 


  • Be on the alert for signs of illness such as reduced feed intake, fever, abnormal discharge or unusual behaviour.
  • Consult the nearest veterinary aid centre for help if illness is suspected.
  • Protect the animals against common diseases.
  • In case of outbreak of contagious diseases, immediately segregate the sick animals from healthy one and take necessary disease control measures.
  •  De-worm the animals regularly.
  • Examine the faeces of adult animals to detect eggs of internal parasites and treat the animals with suitable drugs.
  • Provide clean and uncontaminated feed and water for minimizing the health disorders.
  • Strictly follow the recommended vaccine schedule.
Disease management



Prevention and treatment


Enlarged hot, painful udder, fever, milk watery with flakes of blood.

Improve hygiene .Application of antibiotics.

Foot rot

Lameness. Hoof will look as if it is rotten and it will smell bad. Signs  of pain is seen if pressed.

Trimming, soaking in bath of water with Cuso4.


Abortion in late pregnancy, retention of placenta and metritis. In bucks infertility, orchitis and swollen joints are seen.

Isolation of infected animals, vaccination, blood testing and culling of positive animals.

Internal parasites

Loss of weight, reduction in milk yield, diarrhea, anemia.

Good quality food and clean water, proper medication.

External parasites

Restlessness, scratching, loss of weight, reduction in milk yield.

Application of proper chemicals as a dust, spray or a dip.


Unsteadiness followed by dullness and unconsciousness, great pain and vomiting, convulsion and eventual death.

Keeping goats away from poisonous plants and chemicals.

Immediate treatment.


Distended abdomen on left side, respiratory difficulty, restlessness.

Too much fresh green grass should be avoided. A cup of mineral oil may bring relief. In acute cases removal of gas by making puncture is needed.

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