Breeds of Cow

Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss’ origin is in Switzerland. This breed is suitable for ploughing, milk and beef production. It is more heat tolerant than Jersey. It has brown colour. Average yield is 5000 Kg/ Lactation.
Holstein Friesian

Holstein Friesian’s origin is in Holland. Its body is wedge shaped, heavy and voluminous. It is having typical markings of black and white. Average yield is 6000-7000 Kg/Lactation. Holstein is known for the high quantity of milk.

Jersey’s origin is in Island of Jersey in English channel. In India this breed is widely used in cross breeding with indigenous cows. Jersy is the smallest dairy breed and hence suited for cross breeding. Average yield is 3000-4000 Kg/Lactation. Jersey breed is known for the milk fat percent

Vechur cattle’s habitat state is Kerala. Vechur cattle are the smallest of Indian cattle breeds. They are mostly light red or black in colour with a long and narrow face. The legs are short. The tail is long and tapering, almost touching the ground. Infant mortality is practically absent in this breed. The cattle are also resistant to mastitis (blockage of teats in the udder), and foot and mouth diseases and respiratory infections.
Red Sindhi

Red Sindhi’s origin is in Pakisthan. Color of the breed is dark red. Red Sindhi cows are high milk producers amongst the Indian breeds of cattle. This breed is extensively used to upgrade the local breeds in various regions of the country.
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