Milk and Meat Products




Milk and dairy products contain many nutrients and provide a quick and easy way of supplying these nutrients to the diet within relatively few calories.1 glass of milk alone can make a contribution to the daily recommended intake of many important nutrients for all age groups.
  • Calcium - for healthy bones and teeth
  • Phosphorous - for energy release
  • Magnesium - for muscle function
  • Protein - for growth and repair
  • Vitamin B12 - for production of healthy cells
  • Vitamin A - for good eyesight and immune function
  • Zinc - for immune function
  • Riboflavin - for healthy skin
  • Folate - for production of healthy cells
  • Vitamin C - for formation of healthy connective tissues.
  • Iodine - for regulation of the body's rate of metabolism (how quickly the body burns energy and the rate of growth
Milk based Products 1. Milk drinks
Flavored Milk Drink: It is a good health drinks particularly in summer with all the good qualities of milk.
2. Milk based sweets
a) Kheer: A sweetened product having a thick consistency and it resembles rice pudding commonly consumed in the West.
b) Palpayasam:
3. Frozen products
a) Ice cream                                                      b) Kulfi: Kulfi is the indigenous ice cream frozen in small containers.
4. Coagulated milk products
a) Chhana: Chhana differs from paneer in that no pressure is applied to remove the whey. The coagulum is collected in a cloth and hung on a peg without applying pressure to drain off the whey.
b) Paneer: Mainly consisting of acid coagulated milk solids. Paneer is made from cow, buffalo or mixed milk although buffalo milk is preferred. It can be taken as such or can be used in the manufacture of rassagolla, paneer pickle, curry etc.
5. Fermented milk products
a) Dahi: It is the most important fermented milk product used in India since time immemorial.
b) Yoghurt: Yoghurt is considered as the western counterpart of the Dahi.
c) Chakka: It is a fermented product, which is marble white in colour having a closely-knit structure with an acidic diacetyl aroma.
d) Shrikhand: This is a specialty prepared from chakka having plastic body and smooth texture.
6. Concentrated milk products
a) Khoa: It is a product obtained by heat desiccation of cow, buffalo or mixed milk in an open pan to 65-70 per cent solids.
b) Burfi: A khoa based sweet, white to light cream in colour with firm body and smooth to granular texture.
c) Peda: Peda is whitish yellow in colour and has a coarse, grainy texture.                                       d) Gulab Jamun: It is round or cylindrical in shape, dark brown in colour and with a firm body and smooth texture soaked in thick sugar syrup.


Lean meat is a good source of all essential amino acids and the biological value of the protein is almost comparable with whole egg. Pork fat is rich in PUFA linolenic and anachidonic acids. Meats are good sources of potassium, iron and phosphorous. Meat is an important source of B vitamin and traces of A and C. Pork is the richest source of thiamin and beef of folic acid.
Processed Meat Products 1) Comminuted meat products
a) Sausages - Ground meat and fat mixed with spices, condiments and extenders and stuffed in casings (natural or synthetic). It can be fresh, cured, cooked or smoked, stored at refrigeration temperature.
b) Minced meat - Pressed by addition of salt and kept frozen. It can be used for the preparation of product like kabab, meatball, cutlet, koftha, etc.
2) Cured meat
Ham, bacon, corned beef, etc.
3) Dried and dehydrated meat
a) Sun dried; oven dried and smoked meat products
b) Freeze dried meat, intermediary moisture foods, etc.
4) Pickled products
Meat cooked with spices and condiments and preserved in oil and vinegar, which can be stored at room temperature.
5) Canned products
Cured meat, sausage or meat with brine or curry is subjected to thermal processing in or retortable pouches, stored at room temperature.
6) Cooked meat specialties
Cutlet, hamburger, patties, loaf, tikka, etc
7) Traditional indigenous products
Keema, kabab, kuruma, koftha, tikka, tandoori, meat curry, etc.
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