00 Anthurium interculture | Farm Extension Manager

Anthurium-Inter cultivation

Water soluble fertilizer (19:19:19) (2 gram/liter of water) is applied in the growing medium once a week. Cow’s urine can be sprayed or drenched after diluting with 25 times of water.

Open condition with adequate shading facility are the best. Growing under polythene plastic with shade cloth prevents bacterial blight. Shade level of 70-80 % is found to be best for Kerala conditions.

Excess light causes permanent damage to the leaves. Shade net should be laid at a minimum height of 3 meter from ground level. Use mist or over head sprinkler to provide water and to improve relative humidity.

The older leaves should be pruned and removed. Retain 4-6 leaves/plant to avoid disease problem and to promote flowering. The roots formed on the lower leaf axils should be buried.

Removal of suckers at young stage, and cleaning of crown before rains etc. are other operations to be carried out in order to have a better growth and flowering.