Anthurium- Planting activities

Anthurium is propagated by stem cuttings and also by separation of basal sprouts. Tissue culture plants are also popular these days.

The suckers are separated from flowering plants as and when available and planted in the medium.

Cutting the thick main stem into 3-4 cm long discs and then into vertical bits can also be done. Each bit should have minimum two lateral buds.

Cut-pieces are treated with a fungicide solution and planted on a medium of clean river sand. Cuttings will take 1-2 months for sprouting.

Seedlings and sprouted cuttings of 5-10 cm height are transferred to the main field or pots.

A loose medium above the ground is suitable for anthurium. Old and chopped coconut husk (3 cm size) mixed with brick pieces and charcoal will be ideal.

Pots can also be filled with the same mixture. An ideal pot should be 30 cm diameter at top with 3 large holes at the bottom and on sides. One plant can be planted in a pot.

On ground, the spacing is 45 to 60 cm depending upon the variety.

75% shade net house with 70 – 80% relative humidity, day temperature of 24 – 28 degree C and night temperature of 15 – 22 degree C is the ideal growing environment for anthurium.