Beejamrithumis an organic preparation used in zero budget spiritual farming for seed treatment. The ingredients needed are cow dung from deshi breeds (5 kg), cow urine (5 litres), lime (50 gram), live soil from the field(a hand full)and water (20 litres).

To make beejamrithum, take 5kg cow dung in a cloth and cover it properly. Soak this in the 20 litre water for 12 hours. In another container prepare lime water. For this, take one litre water,and add 50 gram lime in it, and keep it overnight. In the next morning, squeeze the bound cow dung in the water thrice continuously. Then add a handful of soil and stir well. Hereafter, add 5 litredeshi cow urine in to the solution followed by the lime water and stir well.

Beejamrithum can be used for seed treatment. Smear beejamruth on seeds, rub well using hands and shade dry before sowing.