Carrot- Variety information

Nantes Half Long: The variety commonly known as Nantes is evolved at IARI Regional Station, Katrain. Duration 90-110 days. Roots are small, slim, rough, sweet, cylindrical and stumpy with abrupt tail. The core is small and self coloured. Yield is 15-20 t/ha

Pusa Kesar: Evolved at IARI, New Delhi by selection from a cross between Local Red and Nantes Half Long. Roots are scarlet in colour sufficiently red coloured central core compared to yellow or white core in Local. Roots stay one month more than the Local red without bolting. Contains high carotene (38 mg/100 g).

Pusa Meghali: Selection made at IARI, New Delhi by crossing Pusa Kesar and Nantes. It has long orange coloured tape ring roots with self coloured roots.

Pusa Nayanjyoti: This is the first hybrid developed by public sector in India. Sowing can be done from April-August in hills and November-December in plains. The roots are cylindrical, orange and have self-coloured core. It has very high carotenoid content (7.552mg/100g).