Clove- Planting activities

Clove is propagated through seeds. Select 18 months old seedlings for planting. Plant the seedlings during May-June or August-September. Around 60 plants can be accommodated in an acre.

Collect fully developed fruits known as mother of clove from regular bearing mother trees. De-husk the fruits immediately after collection by soaking in water and peeling.

Prepare raised nursery beds with fertile soil rich in humus under the shade of trees. Sow the seeds flat at a depth 2-5 cm and a spacing of 12-15 cm. Water the beds regularly.

Seedlings can either be retained in the nursery till they attain a height of 25-30 cm when they are ready for transplanting or potted when they are one and half years old.

Prepare pits of size 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm at a spacing of 6 m x 6 m about a month in advance of planting. Allow to weather. Fill up the pits with mixture of burnt earth, compost and topsoil.

Plant the seedlings in the pit. Banana or Glyricidia may be planted to provide shade. Provide shade and irrigation during breaks in the monsoon and summer.