Coconut-buttermilk solution

Coconut-buttermilk solution enhances plant growth, induces flowering, repels insects, and increases resistance to fungal diseases.

The ingredients needed are buttermilk (5 liter), tender coconut water (1 liter), grated mature coconut (1-2 kg), fruit juice (500ml – 1 liter).

Take the coconut water in a vessel. Add buttermilk to it and mix well. Grate the coconuts, add to the mixture, and let it soak. Or, mix grated coconut and fruit (if not in juice form), put the mixture in a nylon mesh, tie it, and immerse it in the buttermilk solution. The solution will ferment well in seven days. The contents of the nylon bag could be reused a few times in subsequent solutions by adding a small quantity of grated coconut everytime.

Use at the rate of 30-50 ml solution per liter of water for spraying. This can also fed along with irrigation water at the rate of 5-10 liter per acre.