Coleus- Variety information

Sree Dhara: It is a variety released from CTCRI, Trivandrum. Duration 5 months. Bushy compact plant type. It bears a cluster of dark brownish, heteromorphous tubers. The tubers possess an aromatic flavour. Used mainly as a vegetable. Yield 25-28 T/Ha. Starch content of the tubers is 19.5 %.

Nidhi: Variety released from RARS, Pattambi (KAU). It is a variety suitable for Central Kerala. Duration 120-130 days. Tubers are tasty and have good aroma. Suitable for early harvest. Yield 27.9 t/ha.

Suphala: It is a variety released from College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara. A tissue culture mutant derived by KAU from local cultivar. Duration 120 – 140 days. Recommended for year round cultivation in Central Kerala. Tubers are of big size. Yield 15.93 t/ha.