Composting of weeds

This method can be used for composting weeds such as parthenium, water hyacinth (Eichhorniacrassipes), cyperus (Cyperusrotundus),cynodon (Cyanodondactylon), etc. The materials required are 250 g of Trichodermaviride and Pleurotussajorcaju consortia, and 5 kg of urea for 1000 kg fresh biomass of weeds.

An elevated shaded place is selected, or a thatched shed is erected. An area of 500 cm × 150 cm is marked. The material to be composted is cut to 10-15 cm in size. About 100 kg of cut material is spread over the marked area. About 50 g of microbial consortia is sprinkled over this layer. About 100 kg of weeds are spread on this layer. One kilogram of urea is sprinkled uniformly over the layer. This process is repeated until the level rises to 1 m.  Water is sprinkled as necessary to maintain a moisture level of 50-60 percent. Thereafter, the surface of the heap is covered with a thin layer of soil. The pile requires a thorough turning on the twenty-first day. The compost is ready in about 40 days.