Cow pea-Inter cultivation

Removal of weeds is advantageous for better growth and yield. The weeding should be done at 15 and 30 days after sowing.

The second dose of fertilizer has to be applied in 15-20 days after sowing. Hoeing at the time of fertilizer application is found to increase aeration and root growth.

For vegetable types, provide trellis or pandal for trailing is very much important.

The practice of removing terminal buds is meant by decapitation. For grain and dual-purpose varieties, decapitation is found to improve yield.

Excessive vegetative growth is a problem in some of the varieties. Withhold irrigation and apply Potash fertilizers to induce flowering.

Irrigate immediately after sowing, followed by life irrigation on the third day. Irrigate at intervals of 7to 10 days depending upon soil and climatic conditions. Flowering and pod formation are critical stages and irrigation is a must.