The information and decision support system is designed to provide a comprehensive package of information on agricultural and allied activities for Kerala state.  All attempts were made  to provide maximum reliable and accurate information free of charge to the farming community.

However, the research team makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on the accuracy or adequacy of any of the information presented. They will in no way responsible for the application of the information provided. Users are requested to consult with their local extension workers for the same. Also, no endorsement is intended for products listed, nor criticism meant for products not mentioned. It is advised in case of agro-chemicals to refer the product label and accompanying information before purchasing and using it.

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We have relied mainly on the recommendations given in the Package of Practices Recommendations for Crops of Kerala brought out by the Kerala Agricultural University. Certain recommendations of the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute and Indian Institute of Spices Research have also been integrated. Besides, few farmers practices have been included. Most of the photographs are those taken in the field by the team. A few have been adopted from books or websites. The information are provided with a basic objective of educating the farmers and extension functionaries on important agricultural activities.

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