Fish Jaggery mixture

Fish jaggery mixture is used as a growth promoting hormone. At a higher dose it also serves as a pest repellent especially against rice bug control.

The ingredients for preparation of fish jaggery mixture are sardine 1 kg and jaggery 1 kg. Take 1 kg sardine and slice it into small pieces. Take 1 kg Jaggeryand also slice it into small pieces. Add both into an air tight plastic jar of sufficient size in layers. While adding, take care to have a jaggery layer at the top. Do not addwater. Keep it airtight and away from direct sun light for about 30-40 days.

1 kg sardine and 1 kg Jaggery will give about 1.5 liters of fish jiggery mixture. Filter the extract and use it. It can be storedupto 3 months. Apply 5-10 ml/liter of water as growth promoter.For controlling rice bug take spray 15-20 ml/liter of water.