Garlic- Planting activities

Cloves or bulbils are the planting material for garlic. For planting one acre, 200 kg of cloves is required. The best season of planting in high ranges of Kerala is October- November.

The cloves for planting should be stored for 2-3 months after harvest. The cloves weighing 4 gram are ideal for planting.

The cloves are dipped in Carbendazim (1 gram/litre of water) for 15 minutes. The treated cloves are dried in shade and used for planting.

The land is prepared well by thorough ploughing or digging. Prepare beds of 15 cm height at a width of 1 m and of convenient length.

Lime or dolomite @ 1-3 Kg/cent has to be applied depending on soil acidity. This should be followed by adding organic manure @ 80 Kg/cent along with top soil.

The cloves should be dibbled at a spacing of 15 cm x 8 cm. Germination will start on the fifth day and it will be completed within 10-15 days.

Apply recommended basal dose of fertilizers at the time of planting. A time lag of ten days should be given between application of lime and fertilizers.