00 Gladiolus interculture | Farm Extension Manager

Gladiolus-Inter cultivation

The field should be kept clean by regular weeding and hoeing. First weeding is completed within three weeks after sowing while the second weeding is done before application of fertilizer as top dressing.

Mulching with dry grass helps to conserve the moisture and suppress the weed growth. However, this practice should be discouraged in fields infested with termites.

The second dose of fertilizer has to apply in 45 days after planting.

Earthing up is practiced when the soil is heavy and deep planting is not possible. It is done when the plants are 20-30 cm in height.

The tall plants are staked. Staking is done after the emergence of spikes but before opening of florets. Plants are loosely fastened at three places with the help of jute cord.

Number of irrigation depends upon the climate and type of soil. Usually, 1-2 irrigation a week is sufficient. Irrigation is provided immediately after the application of fertilizers and during the emergence of buds.

Watering should be stopped at the time of ripening of corms.