00 Gladiolus planting | Farm Extension Manager

Gladiolus- Planting activities

Gladiolus is propagated by corms and cormels. About 40000 plants can be accommodated in an acre. Best season for planting is September-November.

Size of the corm markedly influences the growth and flowering of gladiolus. Medium and large sized corms are preferred for planting. Small corms produce only small flower spikes.

Deep well-drained acidic soils with a pH of 5.5-6.5 are the best for cultivation.

The land is ploughed two or three times and FYM @ 100 kg/cent is applied and mixed well with the soil.

Ridges are made 20 cm apart. The corms are planted at a distance of 30 cm and at 5 cm depth.

The basal dose of fertilizers is applied at the time of planting.