Green gram- Planting activities

Green gram is propagated by seed. The recommended seed rate for pure crop is 8-10 kg/acre and for mixed crop is 2.4 kg/acre. It can be grown throughout the year.

It can be grown as a pure crop after the harvest of paddy. It can also be grown as a mixed crop with tapioca, colocasia, yam, and banana or as an intercrop in coconut gardens.

The land is prepared by 2-3 ploughing. Lime at the recommended rate of 250 kg/ha is added. This should be followed with addition of organic manure @ 80 kg/cent before planting

Irrigation channels, 30 cm broad and 15 cm deep, are drawn at 2 m apart to drain off excess rain water and also provide irrigation during summer season.

Sow the seeds either dibbled in rows 25 cm apart and also 25 cm between plants or by broadcast.

Apply recommended basal dose of fertilizers at the time of planting. A time lag of ten days should be given between application of lime and fertilizers.