Green Leaf Manure Crops


Gliricidia is a shrubby plant that comes up well in moist situations. The propagation is through stem cuttings or seeds. It is normally planted in the field borders.

For green leaf purposes, the shrub should be kept low by pruning or lopping at a height of 2-3 m. The shrub can be pruned two or three times a year and it withstands repeated lopping. Each plant gives 5 to 10 kg of green leaves annually.

About 400 plants on the peripheral bunds yields green manure 5-6 t /ha. It also contains 2.76 % N, 0.28 % P2O5 and 4.60 % K on air dry basis. (SN: Gliricidia maculeata).


Subabul is a promising forage tree crop. The plant fixes about 500-600 kg N / ha.

The propagation is by seed. The seed rate is around 1.5 to 3 kg/ha. The plat produce green matter around 20 t/ha. The leaves of the plant contain about 3-4 per cent Nitrogen. (SN: Leucaena leucocephala)


Karanj is a leguminous tree grown in wastelands. On an average, a tree can yield green matter of 100-120 kg/ha. The leaves contain about 3.7% N (on dry weight basis).

Propagation is by direct seeding or by planting nursery raised seedlings. Propagation by branch cuttings and root suckers is also possible.  (SN: Pongamia glabra).


Cassia is an evergreen shrub. It is propagated by seeds. During flowering tree is topped (stem and branches cut) and loppings used for green leaf manuring. (SN: Cassia auriculata).


Calotropis is grown on roadsides and fallow lands.  The plant grows wild under different soil and climatic conditions.

The propagation is through stem cuttings. The leaves are succulent. It can produce green matter of about 4-5 kg/ plant. It also helps in controlling soil born pests like termite. (SN: Calotropis gigantia).


Pillipesara is a dual purpose crop yielding good fodder and green manure. Pillipesara comes up well in hot season with sufficient soil moisture. Loamy or clayey soils are best suited.

The propagation is through seeds and stem cuttings. After taking one or two cuttings for fodder or light grazing by animals, the crop can be incorporated into the soil. The green matter yield is around 5-8 t/ha.  (SN: Phaseolus trilobus).