Indore method of composting

The Indore method of composting is usually used to compost animal manure. Urine soaked material along with dung is removed every day and formed into a layer of about 15 cm thick at suitable site. Urine soaked earth, scraped from cattle sheds is mixed with water and sprinkled over the layer of wastes twice or thrice a day.

Layering process may be continued for about a fortnight. A thin layer of well decomposed compost is sprinkled over top. Periodical turning may be given at 15,30 and 60 days after heaping to aerate the decomposing waste. It is then covered with a thin layer of soil.  Old compost acts as inoculum for decomposing the material. The heap is left undisturbed for about a month. Then it is thoroughly moistened and given a turning. The compost is ready for application in another month.