Jeevamrithum is an organic preparation that accelerates growth of plants. It can be prepared in liquid and solid form.

The ingredients for making liquid Jeevamrithumis  Cow dung- 10 kg,   Cow urine-10 litre,   Black Jaggery- 2 kg,   Pulse flour (Chick Pea/ Green gram/ Black gram etc)  – 2 Kg, Live Soil free from chemicals- 1 kg, Water -200 litre.

Take 200 litres of water in a plastic drum. Add 10 Kg of cow dung to it and mix well. Add powdered jaggery and again mix well. This is followed by adding pulse flour and cow urine. A handful of live soil carrying soil microbes is added at the end.

Cover the drum with jute bag and let it ferment for a week by mixing at regular intervals.  The mixture has to be stirred in every six hours for two days. While stirring, care has to be taken to rotate it in the clock wise direction. The mixture thus prepared has to be used in a week time. This can be applied through irrigation water, sprinkler system or drip system.

Jeevamrithum is applied to soil and also as foliar spray. The above preparation of 200 litres will be sufficient for one acre. Use filtered Jeevamrithum @(100 ml in 1 litre of water)for foliar application.

For preparing GharaJeevamrithumtake 100 Kg Cow Dung, 2 Kg Jaggery, 2 Kg Pulses flour andhandful soil. Mix it well by adding small amount of Cow Urine. Then make small balls and keep it in the shade for drying.

10 kg of powdered gharajeevamritham is mixed with 100 Kg FYM for field application  at the time of planting.