Lemon grass- Planting activities

Lemon grass is propagated mainly through seeds and also by planting of slips. The seed rate is 1.2 to 1.6 kg/acre. The planting is done with the starting of south west monsoon i.e. June-July.

Seeds can be sown directly in the field or seedlings are raised in a nursery and then transplanted.

Transplanted crop is found superior to direct-sown crop in respect of grass yield, oil content and citral content in oil.

Seeds collected in the season should be sown latest by August of the same year. The seedlings will be ready for transplanting in 2 to 2.5 months.

The land is prepared by digging. Raised beds of 75-80 cm width and of convenient length are formed with a spacing of 30-35 cm between beds.

On sloppy terrain, the beds are formed along the contours. Organic manure @ 10Kg/cent should be added at planting time.

Two or three seedlings or slips per hill are transplanted on the beds at a spacing of 15-20 cm in 4-5 rows.

Before planting, the top leafy portion of the seedling is cut off, leaving the plant stalk about 15-20 cm length.