Maize-Inter cultivation

Thin the crop at 12-15 days after sowing. If two seeds were sown, leave only one healthy and vigorous seedling per hole and remove the other.

In areas where seedlings have not germinated, dibble presoaked seeds at the rate of 2 seeds per hole and immediately irrigate.

Hand hoeing and weeding on the 21 st and 45 th day after sowing is recommended. This should be followed by second and third dose of fertilizer application.

The second dose has to apply 30-40 days after sowing. The third dose has to be applied 60-70 days after sowing.

Irrigate the crop on the day of sowing and on third day. Subsequent irrigation at fortnightly intervals is found to increase growth rate and yield. The critical stage of irrigation are tasselling and silking (45 to 65 days after sowing). Avoid water logging at any stage of growth.