Marigold-Inter cultivation

In order to get profuse flowering; it is necessary to keep the field free from weeds. Generally 4-6 weeding are necessary throughout the growth period.

The second dose of fertilizer has to apply in 20-45 days after planting.

Removal of apical buds is known as pinching. In case of tall cultivars of African marigold, the plant first grows to its full height and later produces axillary branches.

If apical buds are removed at an early stage of formation, a large number of lateral shoots arise resulting in well shaped bushy plant bearing more number of uniform flowers.

Sometimes there is an early formation of flower buds due to late transplanting. In such cases flower buds are disbudded initially for allowing the plants to complete vegetative growth. In both African and French marigolds, pinching is recommended after 40 days of transplanting.

The African type marigold plants grow tall and needs to be staked with the help of bamboo sticks. Otherwise, lodging and bent stem may affect proper display of the plant.

During the vegetative growth of marigold there should not be any water shortage as it hampers growth and consequently flowering. In winter, irrigation is given at an interval of 8-10 days while in summer frequent irrigation at intervals of 4- 5 days are required.