Neem garlic emulsion

Neem garlic emulsion is recommended mainly against sucking pest in home gardens. It is also effective against beetles, plant hoppers, caterpillars, etc.

The materials needed for preparing one litre of the mixture are neem oil (20 ml), garlic (20 gram) and bar soap (5 gram). Instead of bar soap one packet of shampoo sachet can also be used.

Slice 5 gram bar soap into thin flakes and dissolve in 50 ml of hot water by agitation. Pour the soap solution to 20 ml of neem oil slowly and stir vigorously. Grind 20 gram of garlic by adding 30 ml of water.

Filter the garlic extract through a muslin cloth and then add to the prepared neem oil soap emulsion. Dilute this 100 ml stock solution by adding 900 ml of water to get 1 litres of 2 per cent neem garlic emulsion.