Oil palm-Inter cultivation

Regular weeding has to be carried out. Mechanical or chemical methods can be used for weeding.

Take basins of 1 meter radius during first year. This should be widened to 2 meter radius and 3 meter radius respectively in the 2 nd and 3 rd year.

In young plantations grow sunhemp around the plant basins in one or two raws and incorporate them in the soils. Mulching is to be done with dried leaves, empty fruit bunches etc.

The recommended fertilizer has to be applied in May-June and September- October.

The inflorescence should not be allowed to develop in the initial three years. This will indirectly affect the vegetative growth.

When the palms are yielding, judicious pruning to retain about 40 leaves on the crown is advocated. All dead and excess leaves should be cut off and crown should be cleaned every year.

When inflorescence develops, two whorls of fronds are left below the lowest developing inflorescence upto 10 th years. From 11 th years onwards a single front is retained.

Oil palm is a cross-pollinated crop. Assisted pollination is a must to ensure fertilization of all female flowers. The weevil Elaedobius kamerunicus should be introduced for the purpose.

Grown up palms require 200 to 250 liters of water per palm per day. Drip or micro sprinkler system of irrigation can be used.