Oilpalm-Harvest and storage

Oil palm reaches harvesting stage by about 3.5 to 4 years after planting. Ripe fruits become loose on the bunch and a few fall off at the time of harvest. The fruit colour change from black to orange.

A chisel or harvesting knife attached to a bamboo pole is used for harvesting fruit bunches. The stalk of the bunch is struck hard with the chisel to cut off and push the bunch out.

When the palms become taller (from 10 year onwards) a harvesting hook has to be used. When the palms are too tall, it is necessary to climb the palms for harvesting.

Each tree must be visited every 10-15 days as bunches ripen throughout the year.  Harvesting at the right time is very much important. Processing over-ripe fruits reduces quantity and quality of oil.