Orchid-Inter cultivation

Monopodial orchids grown on ground can be given cow dung slurry once in a month. One kg fresh cow dung mixed in 5 litres of water is sufficient for one square metre. Two to three applications can be given in a year.

Sympodial orchids are sprayed with the supernatant liquid of cow dung slurry. Nutrition of plants from the natural sources is not sufficient to support the plants for economic production. Hence additional feeding is required.

Foliar feeding is very effective in orchids. Fertilizer mixture of N:P2O5:K2O 3:1:1 can be applied during vegetative period and 1:2:2 can be applied during flowering period. The usual dose of such mixture is 2-3 gram per litre of water, applied twice a week.

Shade net house 75% with 70 – 80% humidity, day temperature of 21-29 degree Celsius and night temperature of 18 to 21 degree Celsius is ideal for growing tropical orchid. In high rainfall zones, the shade net house should be provided with a rain shelter.