Panchagavya is a growth promoter produced from a combination of five products obtained from the cow along with a few other bio products. It provides all kinds of micronutrients, enhances plant growth, repels insects, and helps increase disease resistance in plants.

The ingredients for preparation include Cow dung -7 kg, Cow urine -10 liter, Cow ghee-1 kg, Cow milk – 3 litre, Cow curd – 2 litre, Tender coconut water – 3 litre, Jaggery – 3 kg and well ripened poovan banana – 12 nos andwater – 10 litre.

Cow dung -7 kg, Cow ghee-1 kg are mixed in a clean container and stir it twice daily (morning and evening)and keep aside for 3 days.

After 3 days, Cow Urine -10 litres and water – 10 litres are added. The mixture is kept for 15 days with regular mixing both in morning and evening.

After 15 days, add cow milk – 3 litres, cow curd – 2 litres, tender coconut water – 3 litres, jaggery – 3 kg and well ripened poovan banana – 12 nos. Do not add buffalo products.

The Panchagavyasolution may be filtered to avoid clogging of sprayer nozzles and is recommended as foliar spray at 30 ml/liter concentration. Soaking of seeds or dipping the roots of seedlings in a solution of Panchagavya(30 ml/liter) for 20 minutes before planting enhances seed germination and root development. It can be stored up to two months.