Pseudomonas fluorescens  

Pseudomonas fluorescens is a bacterium that is used in plant disease control. It is used mainly against the disease caused by phytophthora, pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium, colletotrichum, ralstonia and xanthomonas.

It is recommended for crops like rice, black pepper, betel vine, vegetables, anthurium, vanilla, ginger, etc.

The bacterium colonises in soil, water and plant surfaces and protects the plant. They enter the plant vascular system and act as a systemic bio control agent. The organism also significantly improves the growth and biomass production of crop plants.

It is available in powder and liquid formulations. It is recommended for seed treatment, seedling dip, soil application and foliar spray.

The dosage is 20 gram per litre of water for foliar spray and soil drenching. In case of plants where leaf quality is important, the supernatant need only to be sprayed. And in case of liquid formulation take 5 ml/liter of water.

For seed treatment take 10 gram per kilogram of seed. And for seedling or planting materials treatment take 250 gram in 750ml of water and dip it for 20 minutes.

Take care to store the bio control agents in cool places. Never mix it with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Always use before the date of expiry.