Red gram-Harvest and storage

Red gram reaches harvest maturity in around 100 -110 days after sowing. The pods will turn from green to reddish brown or tan colour at ripening.

Harvest is done when 70 to 80 per cent of the pods turn brown. Delay in harvest will lead to shattering of pods and infection by diseases and pests.

If the plants come to even harvest, then the plants are cut and spread over the threshing floor to dry. The plants will dry and become brown and pods may start splitting.

The plants are then beaten on benches to dislodge the seeds from pods. After thorough beating, the seeds are separated from pods. The plant debris are removed and seeds cleaned by winnowing.

Sieves of different sizes are used to separate small and big grains. For small seeds a sieve of 2.8 mm and for large seeds a sieve of 3.35 mm is used.