00 Rubber planting | Farm Extension Manager

Rubber- Planting activities

Rubber is propagated by clonal seeds collected from approved poly-clonal seed gardens and also by budded plants. The planting density recommended is 180 to 200 plants per acre.

Rubber plantations are mostly situated on sloppy and undulating lands. On such lands and hilly areas, adequate soil conservation measures should be taken.

Raise stock seedlings in polybags and afterwards green bud them at the appropriate stage and transplant. Transplanting can be done when the plants attain either 2-3 whorls or 6-7 whorls of leaves.

The standard pit size recommended is 75 cm x 75 cm x 75 cm. The pits should be filled with top soil. The planting is done at the center of the pit.

False shoots sprouting from the stock should be removed. Any side shoot developing up to 2.5 meters from the ground level should also be removed.