Sorghum- Planting activities

Sorghum is propagated through seeds. The recommended seed rate is 4.8-6 kg/acre. The best season of planting is May to August for rainfed crop and January to April for irrigated crop.

Sorghum is a plant of hot and warm localities. It is fairly tolerant to alkalinity and salinity.

The land is prepared well by 2-3 ploughing. Lime or dolomite @ 1-3 kg/cent has to be applied depending on soil acidity. Organic manure @ 20 kg/cent has to be applied at the time of land preparation.

The seeds are dibbled @ 2 seeds/ hole at a spacing of 45 x 15 cm.

Apply recommended basal dose of fertilizers at the time of planting. A time lag of ten days should be given between application of lime and fertilizers.