Sugarcane-Inter cultivation

The crop should be weeded twice on 45 and 90 days after planting. First weeding is done by digging on the ridges and by hand in the furrows. Care should be taken to see that the furrows are not filled up while digging so that tillering is not affected.

If chemical method of weed control is adopted, apply Oxyflurofen 23.5 EC (610 ml/ha) as pre emergent and at 60 DAP as post-emergent application.

At the time of second digging, the crop is partially earthed up to arrest formation of late shoots. With the commencement of the south west monsoon, final earthing up should be done to prevent lodging.

The second and third dose of fertilizers have to be applied 45 DAP and 90 DAP. Do not apply any nitrogenous fertilizers beyond 100 days after planting.

Removal of the dry cane leaves on 150 th and 210 th day is recommended. De-trashing is to prevent the possible germination of auxiliary buds and to reduce pest infestation.

Do double line propping with trash twist at the age of 210 days of the crop. Otherwise to control lodging go for propping with proper support.

Intercropping with short duration pulse crop is recommended under irrigated conditions. In such cases, sow the pulse crop on the ridges one month in advance, so that the first inter-cultivation is not hindered.

The recommended frequency of irrigation is 8-14 days. Irrigate the crop 8-10 times depending upon the availability of rains. Avoid too much moisture and water stagnation especially during germination and early growth phases.